• Shure's SLX Beta58A Wireless Mic System delivers superior audio quality in an easy-to-use and quickly configurable package. The Beta58 mic element ensures consistently hot performance. Offering Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding technology, along with an innovative setup complete with automatic synchronization, SLX supports up to 20 compatible systems (area dependent). This system is a logical choice for houses of worship, corporate boardrooms, lecture halls and more.

    The system's stellar sound is founded on Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding, a technology which brings more transmission clarity and dynamic range to wireless systems than ever imagined with traditional technologies.


    SLX handheld transmitters present users with a choice of Shure's legendary microphones and this one features the ultra-hot Beta58A capsule. It also has a timed backlit LCD, frequency and power lockouts, 300 ft. (100m) of operating range and up to eight hours of continuous use on two AA batteries. Handheld transmitters are also offered with SM58, SM86, Beta 87A and Beta 87C capsules.  Also, comes with a hard case!



    • Solid UHF wireless Beta58 mic system
    • Audio Reference Companding technology for consistently reliable performance
    • Automatic frequency scan, channel selection and transmitter/receiver synchronization for amazingly simple operation
    • 960 operating frequencies
    • Rugged metal rackmountable receiver
    • 1/4" and XLR output connectors
    • Multi-function LCD displays group, channel, frequency, transmitter battery strength and lock/unlocked status
    • Handheld versions available with an assortment of capsules